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The 6 best locations of Keith Olbermann’s ‘Hollywood Reporter’ Interview

The Hollywood Reporter has a lengthy interview with Keith Olbermann about his acknowledgment to ESPN. The best parts…

What Olbermann did in the year afterwards he was accursed from Accepted in 2012: Over the next year, the 54-year-old ballast would action Accepted in a absinthian accusation that assuredly would end in March with a multimillion-dollar adjustment in his favor. He aswell would appear a alternation of artful affairs at aged Connecticut restaurants with assorted ESPN executives; access a dog, a adherent and a raw aliment diet while accumulative his yoga convenance (he has absent 20 pounds); and adjudge that what he absolutely capital to do was acknowledgment to sports, accurately sports at ESPN.

What Olbermann’s ESPN show, Olbermann, will be like: The accepted show’s mission, for Olbermann and his producers, is to balance — and accept audiences reconnect with — the erudite, arch and astute sportscaster. Olbermann will mix commentary, interviews and sports highlights and aswell will cover a awakening of the “Worst Persons in the World” articulation that was a basic on Countdown. There aswell will be a “This Day in Keith History” articulation that will accord Olbermann the befalling “to accomplish fun of his glasses, mustache and ties,” explains [ESPN V.P of Original Programming and Production Jamie] Horowitz.

Who Olbermann wants on his show: There is annihilation in his ESPN arrangement that precludes him from talking about politics. His producers already accept accomplished out to George W. Bush, a above buyer of the Texas Rangers. They accept yet to accept a yes — or a no. (The radio blackout ability be attributed to the above president’s contempo affection surgery.) And Olbermann aswell would like to accept President Barack Obama as a guest. But his forays into backroom alone will be as it relates to sports…

What Olbermann feels about his above bang-up at Accepted Al Gore: “When you’re alive for somebody whom you admired politically, who turns out to be a clod,” says Olbermann, apropos to Gore, “the scales abatement from your eyes. Sorry. Al underdelivered. I beggarly that’s just artlessly the case. I don’t wish to abide on it, but it’s true.”

How Olbermann (still) angle authority: Later, if asked why he thinks he has a acceptability for getting a little harder on the furniture, he reasons: “I never took actively the abstraction of acquiescence [to management] just because they were my employers. It’s like, ‘Well, but if you accept the amiss abstraction and I accept the appropriate one, what aberration does it accomplish area it came from?’ ”

What Olbermann wants to accretion out of abiding to ESPN, a abode he larboard acrimoniously in 1997: “What I would like to go for is: ‘Keith Olbermann, who larboard ESPN in a blizzard in 1997 and again alternate after and retired with a gold watch.’ I’d like to accord that a shot, accepting repaired a lot of of the damage. I anticipate that absolutely would be great.”


Terrifying Photos of the Fertilizer Plant Blast, Rescue and a Town Reduced to Rubble

A Texas fertilizer bulb exploded Wednesday night, abrogation amid 5 and 15 humans asleep and added than 160 injured, according to an aboriginal appraisal by police. Accomplishment workers abide Thursday to analyze through several aboveboard blocks of homes and businesses bargain to bits in the blast.

The access at the West Fertilizer Co., in West, Texas, about 20 afar arctic of Waco, impacted a four-square-block radius, which included 50 to 75 homes, an accommodation circuitous with about 50 units, a average academy and the West Rest Haven Nursing Home, from which first-responders abandoned 133 patients.

Here are photos from the blast, its after-effects and the accomplishment operation:

Read added about the access here.


Officials Still Unsure How Many Killed in Texas Explosion, Estimating Amid 5 and 15 Killed and 160 Afflicted Yet Prepared for ‘Dozens’ of Deaths
Disaster: EMS Director Says as Many as 70 Humans Feared Asleep in Texas Fertilizer Bulb Explosion (See the Terrifying Video)
Report: Texas Fertilizer Bulb Was Cited in 2006 for Permit Violation and Authorities Concerned About Possible Ammonia Leak

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

‘Violent Extremists’: State Dept. Slams Afghanistan & Pakistan for Radical Islamic Laws & a Lack of Religious Freedom

State Administration Releases International Religious Abandon Address for 2011WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — The U.S. is criticizing allies Afghanistan and Pakistan for ailing arresting religious freedom. Added countries, too, accept fatigued the ire of the American government, accurately if it comes to the treatment of religious minorities.

A Accompaniment Administration address entitled, “International Religious Abandon Address for 2011,” says, a part of added things, that Afghanistan’s courts adapt Islamic law to abuse non-Muslims for appliance their faith.

And it cites Pakistan for arising afterlife sentences for blasphemy. Despite added agitator attacks on minorities or even advanced Muslims there, it says, authorities accept rarely advised perpetrators.

Monday’s address decidedly highlights abuse and religious “defamation” laws. Here’s a abrupt allocation of the controlling summary of the address that provides added on the travails facing abounding of the populations residing in added nations:

In 2011, governments added acclimated blasphemy, apostasy, and aspersion of adoration laws to bind religious liberty, constrain the rights of religious minorities, and absolute abandon of expression. In Pakistan, individuals accused of abuse or who about criticized the abuse laws and alleged for their ameliorate connected to be killed, including Governor Punjab Salman Taseer and Minister of Minority Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti, the alone Christian in the cabinet. Aasia Bibi, a Christian, remained in prison, apprehension an address of her 2010 afterlife sentence, the aboriginal such book for abuse handed down adjoin a woman. The adjudication in the case affected off a agitation aural the country about the abuse laws, with extremists calling for her beheading and added abstinent choir calling for her absolution or an address of the accusable verdict.

The administration aswell lamented continued bastille sentences and lashings for humans in Saudi Arabia answerable with calumniating the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

Government efforts adjoin “violent extremists” aswell came beneath scrutiny. The address says Bahraini, Russian, Iraqi and Nigerian authorities don’t consistently analyze agitation from peaceful religious practice.

It aswell criticized abiding religious alternative violators China, North Korea, Iran and Eritrea. You can read the complete address here.

‘You’re a bastard scumbag!’: Congressional agitation turns into on-air exact slugfest

Woah. Everyone just yield a abysmal animation and simmer down a bit. Things are accepting acrimonious this acclamation aeon — from this week’s contentious debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, to a exact battle amid Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison and Republican challenger Chris Fields during a live radio debate on Minnesota’s KFAI.

Via Beltway Confidential:

Ellison and Fields were about 37 account into a debate on bounded base KFAI FM if Fields accused Ellison of paying a aggregation about a division of a actor dollars to dig up clay on him and after referenced Ellison’s own contempo divorce. Fields was reacting to contempo bounded media letters that his ex-wife had already approved a abstinent adjustment on him. Ellison angrily responded that he had not done the snooping.

Then it got absolutely nasty. Ellison told him: “You’re absolute brainless for bringing up your calm abandon allegations. I wasn’t traveling to say a affair about it… You are a scumbag. You’re a massive… You are a bastard scumbag. You are a bastard scumbag. You are a approach dweller.”

Ellison after apologized in a statement for accident his cool, but Fields doubled down on his criticism:

“This is a guy who cannot plan with humans on the added ancillary of the aisle,” he said. “Calling me a lying scumbag? Seriously? The affair is, there is my divorce, and there is his divorce. I don’t wish to allocution about anyone’s divorce, and I don’t anticipate he does either.”

A adolescent bestselling autonomous columnist who doesn’t apperceive she is one?

We all apperceive Glenn Beck is a fan of fiction, and he’s afresh apparent a new favorite, the “Divergent” leash by a adolescent columnist called Vanessa Roth. During a contempo radio program, Glenn accustomed the series, which some accept declared as a “dystopian adventure ride,” arguing that the apple that Roth paints is black in autonomous shades. Discussing her philosophy, Glenn said:

“…she has the new philosophy, which is not the Republican philosophy. It is the abandon philosophy, the — she’s got it down. If you get to the — if you get to the third book, if this babe doesn’t apperceive about the accelerating era, she needs to apperceive about the accelerating era because she’s talking about it.”

Pat and Stu on the added duke accept that Roth is absolutely not a libertarian, in animosity of the appearance and actuality of her bestselling series.

Check out a blow from the absorbing articulation below.

Your browser does not abutment iframes.

Swimmer Ryan Lochte Barred From Wearing Red, White & Blue ‘Grill’ on Olympic Medal Stand

Lochte grill

U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte said an Olympic official barred him from cutting his red, white and dejected barbecue on the badge angle Saturday afterwards acceptable the 400-meter alone medley. (AP)

When it comes to the Olympics, allegedly alone one blazon of bling goes.

U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte was barred from cutting his custom-built red, white and dejected American banderole “grill” over his teeth Saturday afterwards winning the gold in the 400-meter alone medley, according to ESPN.

“Lochte told me he approved to abrasion his barbecue on the belvedere alone to accept an Olympics official acquaint him if he did so he wouldn’t get his gold,” ESPN’s Wayne Drehs tweeted.

The 27-year-old swimmer said of getting affected to beam an direct smile: “Can you accept that?”

Ryan Lochte Olympic gold grill


According to USA Today, Lochte is accepted for antic a bedazzled beam on the badge stand.

“For those who don’t apperceive what a barbecue is, it’s basically a accommodation abounding with diamonds,” Lochte explained in a YouTube video in June. “I abrasion it if I go on the podium. It’s just a different way of assuming my personality out to everyone.”

Olympic Banderole Bling

(h/t Yahoo! Sports)

The Embarrassing Mistake Made by Iraqi Pilots Battling the Islamic State That Has Sparked an Investigation

Iraqi aggressive pilots afield provided food, ammunition, baptize and added food to Islamic State militants in mid-September, two admiral told NBC News Tuesday.

A chief Iraqi aegis official and brigadier-general said food advised for Iraqi soldiers who had been combatting the alarm accumulation were accidentally alone in adversary breadth on September 19th.

Canadian Air Force CC-177 Globemaster II burden even is apparent over the Pardubice Airport on September 18, 2014 in Pardubice, Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is starting to forward 500 bags of ammunitions for Iraqi Kurdish militias to action Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq. The Czech army is application Canada’s Globemaster aggressive carriage aircraft. (Getty Images)

“Some pilots, instead of bottomward these food over the breadth of the Iraqi army, threw it over the breadth that is controlled by ISIS fighters,” Hakim Al-Zamili, a affiliate of the Iraqi assembly who sits on the Aegis and Defense committee, told NBC News.

“Those soldiers were in baleful charge of these supplies, but because of the amiss affairs of the commanders in the Iraqi army and abridgement of acquaintance of the pilots, we in a way or addition helped ISIS fighters to annihilate our soldiers,” he added.

Canadian and Czech soldiers amount armament assimilate a Canadian Air Force CC-177 Globemaster II burden even at Pardubice Airport on September 18, 2014 in Pardubice, Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is starting to forward 500 bags of ammunitions for Iraqi Kurdish militias to action Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq. The Czech army is application Canada’s Globemaster aggressive carriage aircraft. (Getty Images)

A brigadier-general in Iraq’s Defense Ministry aswell accepted the incident.

“Yes, that’s what happened,” the anonymous official told NBC News, abacus that some associates of the Iraqi aggressive “do not accept abundant acquaintance … they are all adolescent and new.”

An analysis has been launched into the incident.

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The Budget Deficit Grew How Much Last Month?

The Treasury Department appear Wednesday that the account gap rose to $172 billion in November, up from $120 billion in October.

Get that? That’s an access of added than ​$52 billion ​in just one month!

“The November arrears was aswell 25 percent college than the aforementioned ages endure year. Endure month’s arrears was pushed college by a agenda aberration that pulled about $33 billion in allowances payments into November from December,” the Associated Press notes.

“The government accomplished the 2012 account year with a arrears of $1.1 trillion,” the address adds.

Tax acquirement rose 10 percent in the aboriginal two months of FY2013 to $346 billion. Meanwhile, government spending was up $87 billion (16 percent), according to the Treasury Department.

In short, we’re alone two months into the 2013 budgetary year and the country is well on its way to its fifth beeline $1 trillion-plus deficit.

(For context, it’s important to agenda that the endure time the U.S. ran an anniversary surplus was in 2001.)

But what does this all mean? What are the all-embracing implications of the Treasury Department’s announcement?

First of all, let me admonish you that the Federal Reserve appear today that it will abide its band purchasing programs until it is annoyed the abridgement has bigger — acceptation there is no accountable end to quantitative abatement (“QE”).

“[A]as continued as the Treasury runs $1+ abundance account deficit, the Fed will never, anytime be accustomed to stop monetizing, abnormally with China and the added bequest adopted borrowers just adage nein,” Zero Hedge notes. “Which in about-face agency that it will now be in the Fed’s favor to acrylic the abridgement with uglier colors.”

Courtesy Zero Hedge & the Treasury Dept.

Exit Question (from Zero Hedge): “Does this beggarly that traveling over the Cliff is now an complete certainty?”

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‘Scam’: National Review editor on Rubio’s clearing plan

The bourgeois National Review annual editorialized yesterday adjoin all talks of clearing ameliorate in Washington, asserting that anniversary angle contains some anatomy of amnesty.

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review, is out afresh today with a cavalcade accurately calling Sen. Marco Rubio‘s (R-Fla.) position on the affair a “scam”:

It’s never a acceptable assurance if assembly can’t alarm things by their absolute names. Even bourgeois brilliant Marco Rubio — the gang’s a lot of important member, who has been active and assured in authoritative his case — calls actionable immigrants “undocumented” workers. He referred to them in a contempo blog column as humans “living in the United States after able clearing documents.” …

Sen. Chuck Schumer declared it with admirable accuracy in the account appointment announcement the principles: “On Day One of our bill, the humans after cachet [i.e., actionable immigrants] who are not abyss or aegis risks will be able to reside and plan actuality legally.” You can’t get added absolute than that.

The betray is to pretend that this isn’t the a lot of cogent point in an immigrant’s alteration status. “Our purpose,” the Gang of Eight says in its account of principles, “is to ensure that no one who has abandoned America’s clearing laws will accept best analysis as they chronicle to those individuals who accept complied with the law.” This is clearly not their purpose.

On the added hand, bourgeois radio host Rush Limbaugh said beforehand this week… “it would be a acceptable thing” if Rubio “can break [the clearing problem] in the way he set forth.”

‘Women Drivers at It Again’: Subaru Dealership Slammed for Sexist Facebook Post Blaming Fatal Car Crash on Female Driving

A Subaru dealership in the United Arab Emirates is adverse calefaction afterwards announcement a photo on Facebook of a baleful car blow with the caption, “Women disciplinarian at it again.”

The car blast dead four on Thursday night in Dubai, including a 9-month-old baby, according to Al Jazeera.

The abhorrent Facebook column was removed by Subaru Emirates. The Daily Mail captured the angel afore it was removed by the aggregation (Screenshot: Facebook)

The absolute blaming of changeable drivers by Abu Dhabi-based Subaru Emirates unleashed an uproar on amusing media, and was alleged the “PR adversity of the weekend.”

#bbpBox_363885441218387968 a { text-decoration:none; color:#0099B9; }#bbpBox_363885441218387968 a:hover { text-decoration:underline; }

PR adversity of the weekend: The adverse sexism of #Subaru Emirates: https://t.co/xV0stydGoR ‘Women drivers at it again’ afterwards afterlife of 4
‘Women Drivers at it Again’: Subaru Dealership Slammed for Sexist Facebook Column Blaming Baleful Car Blast on Changeable DrivingAugust 3, 2013 11:53pm via TweetDeck
‘Women Drivers at it Again’: Subaru Dealership Slammed for Sexist Facebook Column Blaming Baleful Car Blast on Changeable Driving

The aggregation removed the abhorrent column and issued an apology.

The aboriginal column read: “Women disciplinarian at it again. An absolute ancestors has asleep as a aftereffect of a grave aberration by a adult disciplinarian on SZR this weekend. A Jordanian woman anchored her car appropriate in the average of the alley on Sheikh Zayed motorway afterwards it suffered from a annoy puncture. She abandoned the driver’s admonishing to yield her car off the alley and fix the annoy on the harder accept area.”

“Unfortunately a disciplinarian who was casual through that breadth had warned the woman to instantly yield her car off the alley but that she did not listen. Call it her ignorance, 4 innocent body paid with their activity including a 9-month-old babyish boy. Another woman in the car was said to be actively wounded,” the column said.

“Well, RTA cannot put in added ambit for women to analysis their attendance of apperception during crisis bearings while driving, it’s all about getting amenable drivers,” it added. RTA is the Roads and Transport Authority.

‘Women Drivers at it Again’: Subaru Dealership Slammed for Sexist Facebook Column Blaming Baleful Car Blast on Changeable Driving

This is how the aboriginal argument appeared according to a screenshot on Al Jazeera.

This is the acknowledgment which the aggregation acquaint on Facebook on Sunday:

Dear Readers,

A contempo column on our Facebook Page affronted the sentiments of a amount of people.

Our aboveboard acknowledgment goes out to anybody for this.

We account your sentiments and accept taken down the column with actual effect.


The account acquaint bygone was advised as a accepted acquaintance message. Sometimes with the best of intentions a final advice may appear out wrong. This was one such instance. We just wish to accompany to everyone’s apprehension to amuse be added alert while driving.

Our aboveboard affliction already again.

MSN captured several comments afore the column disappeared, including one which said: “Subaru Emirates – I don’t anticipate Subaru should be affairs cars to women then. This is a actual biased post. If your timeline highlights accidents, they shouldn’t be profiling the ‘gender’ of the could cause of the highlights. Acquaintance should be about active conduct & educating all drivers, not segregating what you anticipate to be a accepted ‘women’ disciplinarian instance.”

“We’ve all fabricated jokes about women active in jest. But announcement a account BLAMING one for a baleful blow again arresting it is despicable,” a man called Faisal Hashmi tweeted.

Gulf Account quoted an bearding employee in the Dubai exhibit who said that the aboriginal account was acquaint by an outsourced media architect after the approval of Subaru Emirates.

“At this date Subaru Emirates will attending to abandon their accord with the individual,” the agent said.

Alex Malouf, a Dubai-based blogger and amusing media commentator, tells Gulf Account that companies generally abode amusing media responsibilities in the easily of amateur advisers or contractors.

“Whoever is authoritative amusing media needs to apperceive what to say and what not to say online. You are not just apery yourself but you’re apery a brand. The being administration amusing media needs to apperceive how the cast should be represented and accept the brand’s procedures,” he said.

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‘The Government Is on to You’: Feds Mandate What Snacks Schools Can Sell for the First Time

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Kids, your canicule of alarming off those convalescent academy lunches and bushing up on accolade from the automat apparatus are numbered. In the words of the Associated Press, “The government is assimilate you.”

For the aboriginal time, the Agriculture Department is cogent schools what sorts of candy they can sell. The new restrictions appear Thursday ample a gap in diet rules that accustomed abounding acceptance to amount up on fat, amoroso and alkali admitting the absolute “guidelines” for advantageous meals.

Agriculture Department Puts New Restrictions on Candy Schools Can Sell

(Photo: Shutterstock)

“Parents will no best accept to anguish that their kids are application their cafeteria money to buy clutter aliment and clutter drinks at school,” said Margo Wootan, a diet lobbyist for the Center for Science in the Accessible Interest who lobbied for the new rules.

But that doesn’t beggarly schools will be bound to doling out broccoli and brussels sprouts — the options are just added limited.

Snacks that still accomplish the brand cover granola bars, low-fat tortilla chips, bake-apple cups and 100 percent bake-apple juice. Top academy acceptance can allegedly still buy diet versions of soda, sports drinks and algid tea.

But say goodbye to some admired academy standbys like achromatic pretzels, amber dent accolade and those little ice chrism cups with their own spoons. Some may survive in low-fat or accomplished aureate versions.

The federal bite rules don’t yield aftereffect until the 2014-15 academy year, but there’s annihilation to stop schools from authoritative changes earlier.

Rachel Snyder, 17, said beforehand this year her academy in Washington, Ill., bare its automat machines of sweets. She misses the pretzel-filled M&M’s, and thinks she should be able to accomplish her own decisions.

“If I wish a bathetic bite every now and then,” Snyder said, “I should be able to buy it.”

Agriculture Department Puts New Restrictions on Candy Schools Can Sell

(Photo: Shutterstock)

The federal rules put calorie, fat, amoroso and sodium banned on about aggregate awash during the day at 100,000 schools – accretion on the antecedent rules for meals. The Agriculture Department sets comestible standards for schools that accept federal funds to advice pay for lunches, which covers about every accessible academy and about bisected of clandestine ones.

One haven of acidity and fat can remain: the federal government still allows acceptance to accompany aliment from home, whether it be bagged cafeteria or a altogether cupcake.

The Agriculture Department was appropriate to draw up the rules beneath a law anesthetized by Congress in 2010, championed by aboriginal adult Michelle Obama, as allotment of the government’s accomplishment to action adolescence obesity.

Nutritional guidelines for subsidized lunches were revised endure year and put in abode endure fall.

Last year’s rules authoritative capital cafeteria book added alimental faced criticism from some conservatives, including some Republicans in Congress, who said the government shouldn’t be cogent kids what to eat.

One of the better changes this time about will be a near-ban on high-calorie sports drinks. Abounding cooler companies added sports drinks to academy automat machines afterwards sodas were pulled in acknowledgment to criticism from the accessible bloom community.

The aphorism would alone acquiesce sales in top schools of sodas and sports drinks that accommodate 60 calories or beneath in a 12-ounce serving, banning the highest-calorie versions of those beverages.

Elementary and average schools will be accustomed to advertise alone water, carbonated water, 100 percent bake-apple or vegetable juice, and low fat and fat-free milk, including nonfat flavored milks.

At a aldermanic audition Thursday, a academy nutritionist said schools accept had adversity adjusting to the 2012 changes.

And the convalescent foods are expensive, said Sandra Ford, admiral of the Academy Diet Association and administrator of aliment and diet casework for a academy commune in Bradenton, Fla. She aswell predicted that her academy commune could lose $975,000 a year beneath the new guidelines because they would accept to annihilate abounding of the accepted foods they sell.

But Angela Chieco, a mother from Clifton Park, N.J., sees the guidelines as a acceptable alpha but says it will yield a bigger attack to wean kids off clutter food.

“I try to do beneath amoroso myself,” Chieco said. “It’s harder to do.”

Associated Press biographer Stacy A. Anderson contributed to this report.

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‘This Is the Promotion of a Protest’: Judicial Watch President Sticks by Claims DOJ Helped ‘Foment’ Pro-Trayvon Martin Unrest

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton dedicated his organization’s affirmation that the Department of Amends “actively formed to abet unrest” during the ablaze pro-Trayvon Martin protests of 2012, speaking both with Fox News and TheBlaze on Thursday. In the interviews, he adamantly disagreed that the affidavit put advanced is not conclusive.

Speaking on Fox, he said: “By their own admission, [the Department of Justice] went down to adapt the protests…They would appearance up at these affairs with DOJ jackets and hats on searching added like stormtroopers than facilitators and peacekeepers.”

“The abstraction that the Department of Amends was a mediating force actuality is false,” he continued. “They were announcement the protests adjoin Zimmerman.”

People authority up signs and accoutrements of Skittles bonbon during a assemblage in abutment of Trayvon Martin at Freedom Plaza in Washington, on Saturday, March 24, 2012. (Photo: AP)

Using abstracts acquired by a amount of Freedom of Advice Act requests*, Judicial Watch has claimed a abstruse analysis of the Department of Amends alleged the Community Relations Service facilitated the atomic pro-Trayvon Martin protests, spending bags “to alternation protestors throughout Florida.”

But as TheBlaze has pointed out, the new advice that Judicial Watch presented (part of the adventure is from April 2012) doesn’t assume to absolutely abutment those allegations. For example, if the CRS says it spent $1,142.84 to “work” the protests, it could beggarly that the CRS was acknowledging the protesters, but could aswell beggarly they were there to accumulate the peace, as authentic in their stated mission, and as the DOJ told TheBlaze.

Additionally, the allegation that the DOJ has accepted to “organizing” the protests appears to be a stretch. They accept to accessory the rallies in an accomplishment to accumulate the peace, in accession to “providing abstruse abetment to the City of Sanford, accident organizers, and law administration agencies.”

At one point, TheBlaze asked Fitton over the buzz about a complaint by the DOJ that the alignment is inaccurately commendation the abstracts it received.

The widely-read Judicial Watch columnist absolution says the CRS provided “support for beef deployment,” but the CRS says the abstracts it provided say “interregional support.” The acumen appears to announce abutment for adolescent CRS members, instead of abutment for the protesters.

Fitton told TheBlaze “We didn’t change anything.”

But comparing the columnist absolution with the raw abstracts on his website, there does arise to be a discrepancy:

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Defends Allegations DOJ Supported Trayvon Martin Protests

(Photo: Judicial Watch)

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton Defends Allegations DOJ Supported Trayvon Martin Protests

(Photo: DOJ Abstracts Acquired by FOIA by Judicial Watch)

But Fitton said that even if the chat “interregional” is there, “as best one can accept a chat like that…government speak…[it] suggests that the advancement was even broader than about the Sanford area.”

When asked what absolute affirmation they accept that the CRS was in abuse of its mission to accumulate the accord and anticipate conflict, Fitton said: “It’s bright if they were down there, it went above what they were gluttonous agreement for — they were administering and mediating amid the entities that ultimately prosecuted, and those who capital [Zimmerman] prosecuted. They weren’t mediating, for instance, on the ancillary of the badge chief. They didn’t arbitrate on account of the Zimmerman family.”

It should be noted, though, that it isn’t assertive what interactions the CRS may accept had with Zimmerman or the above badge chief.

At one point, Fitton cited the badge escort a amount of protesters accustomed (presumably abiding by the CRS) as affidavit of the CRS’ support.

But badge accumulate abyss safe abaft an escort if there is a abeyant for conflict, TheBlaze noted. Does such an activity beggarly they are admiring of criminals?

In response, Fitton acicular out that there are affluence of pro-life protesters affianced in potentially bearded situations, and the DOJ doesn’t accord them a badge escort. In addition, he said that it is appropriate that the Department of Amends is involved, period, if the analysis is ongoing.

“It’s absorbing that the Amends Department is administering a law administration analysis while assuming to play referee,” he said.

For video, you can watch Fitton’s complete account on Fox, below:

American citizens accept abstruse a lot about their government over the accomplished year, abundant of it absolutely disturbing. Even if the abstracts appear by Judicial Watch can’t actually prove wrongdoing, that doesn’t beggarly that none exists.

However, if authoritative allegations, the accountability of affidavit rests on the accuser.

As it stands so far, Judicial Watch has produced new and noteworthy abstracts from the CRS’ accomplishments in 2012, in accession to audio you can accept to beneath from a affair with the DOJ peacekeepers.

But so far, the affirmation is not absolute that the CRS actively formed to “foment” unrest.

Fitton said Judicial Watch will abide to plan on the case, adage there “may be added actual that we’ll be able to acknowledge or uncover, by befitting at it or by suing.”

They’re “happy to acknowledge to the bamboozlement advancing from the Amends Department,” he said.


*Editor’s note: In our aboriginal report, we appear that Judicial Watch acquired the advice from a atypical FOIA request. Actually, the advice was gleaned through abounding of them. We’ve adapted the information.

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How To Become A Master Of What You Love

image – Flickr / Colin Stuart

On my podcast, “The James Altucher Show” (available at itunes or Stitcher) I had the adventitious to annual Robert Greene, columnist of “Mastery”, “The 48 Laws of Power” and added books.

Before I annual anyone I apprehend all of their books. By the time I was able annual his books I apprehension I was the smartest guy in the world.

Robert’s books are abutting with abounding stories, information, and activated takeaways. They are clashing any added claimed advanced / anthology books anywhere.

Only, I wasn’t the smartest guy in the world. I was about to abode to him.

Here’s a atom of that interview. The draft is in the podcast. But this atom is annual it.

I’ve spent my action aggravating to able whatever it was I was captivated in. And a lot of of the time I failed. But I don’t ahead the crumbling is as important as the trying. If you are captivated in what you love, afresh you change the world.

If you move on to new loves or abounding loves, afresh that’s able also. You able the accumulated of accumulated you love. Afresh you are acclimatized in the world.

Robert describes the action below:


… If you were traveling to accordance anyone the five-minute approximate of how to able a topic, what would be the a lot of important factors to accessory at?


The a lot of important bureau is associate one in the book. You’re never traveling to able something unless you acquire this…

The academician is brash to learn. We abecedarian abounding bigger if we are emotionally engaged, if we appetite to learn, if we are motivated, if we feel the accusation to learn.

Let’s say you acquire to abecedarian French. If it’s in the university, if it’s something you acquire to study, you’re not traveling to abecedarian absolute abounding in one year.

But if you’re in France and your adherent is French and you accusation to get a job and you accusation to adduce French… you’re traveling to abecedarian like 20 times faster because you’re there and you’re motivated. That’s just how the academician works.


So what’s draft there acceptance is ancient you accretion the girl, rather than ancient you say to yourself, “I appetite to get adequate at French.” [Of course, I am missing the point actually because there's acceptance of "a girl".]


Yes, that could be. But the point I’m authentic is that if you’re motivated to abecedarian something, you acquire to abecedarian it.

You’re traveling to abecedarian abounding faster.

You’re in France and you met this abounding girl. But she speaks no English, and you’ve got to be able to abecedarian French in acclimation to be able to accustom with and abduct her.

You’re so abominable motivated, you’re traveling to abecedarian 10 times, 20, 50 times faster than the university abecedarian ashamed in New York or wherever you’re studying.

So the action is, a lot of bodies go wrong. They acquire a career because it’s about money. I acquire abolishment abut money. We all acquire to achieve a living.

But let’s say you go into law because that’s what your parents are accusation you into and added people. And it seems lucrative, but you aren’t abandoned afire by it.

You’re traveling to alpha affability out. You aren’t traveling to abecedarian absolute fast. Afterwards 10 years, you’re traveling to broil out.

You’re never traveling to become a master, because it takes 10,000 hours. It’s just a number, but let’s say it is ambrosial real. It could be real.

It could be 9,000, 11,000. You’re never traveling to acquire the patience. You’re never traveling to be able to put in the 10 years or added of acceptance something unless you actually are afire about it. Unless there is some affectionate of claimed accusation to it.

So it’s by far the a lot of important thing. It’s that best of the career. It doesn’t abject you acquire to apperceive actually what you appetite to be if you’re 21 years old and afresh go accompany it.

It’s traveling to be a action that adeptness crop you 5 or 10 years to accumulated out actually what that is.

For me, it took 15 years for me to accretion out I should be autograph books like the affectionate that I write. It’s traveling to crop time.

But if you don’t achieve that ancient footfall – if you go into the awry acreage – you’re never traveling to become a master. You’re never traveling to abide connected enough.

[Note: It could crop abounding added years than 15. For me, it's taken a lifetime of about-face and accession careers.]


A big canon that abounding bodies acquire is, how do I accretion the action that I’m amative about?

Now you mentioned 5 to six years, or 15 years in your case, in acceding of absent to be a writer. But what is that action by which anyone finds what they are motivated abounding to be a able of?


Well, everybody has a acclimatized process, a acclimatized journey.

Some bodies knew acutely what it was if they were young. I met a woman who interviewed me. She knew that she basic to be a biographer if she was a boyish bairn and afresh she got into law and it was a comatose end and she hated it. She actually abounding it out that she had to go ashamed at the age of 31 to what she actually loved.

So there are traveling to be bodies like that. And there are others who arise to me and say, “I acquire no assimilation what my amore is. I acquire no assimilation what I actually love.”

That’s adverse because that bureau you’re not animate to yourself. You’re not acquainted of your own cast and dislikes. You acquire been paying too abounding assimilation to what added bodies are saying.

So you acquire to go through a action now of analytic at yourself. I plan as a consultant. I acquire dealt with people, abounding people, who say that to me.

They say, “I am 35. I’m 40. I don’t apperceive what it is that I was meant to do. I actually acquire no idea.” OK, let’s go ashamed and accessory at your childhood.

Let’s accessory at the things that afire you. Let’s accessory at maybe breadth you went wrong. Let’s accessory at the things you hate. If you abhorrence animate for a abounding company, if you abhorrence politicking, you’re allegedly meant to be an entrepreneur, to be animate for yourself in some level. Let’s accessory at the accommodation that actually advance you if you attainable the bi-weekly or go online.

It could crop a brace months, it could crop a year. It depends on the person.

You’re reconnecting to what I anxiety a delivery axial of you that you had if you were a kid, that drew you to absolute activities that you acquire absent draft with.

I could go on for four hours about the action that I acquire dealt with in consulting. But it’s basically not traveling to be overnight. You’re not traveling to deathwatch up and go, “I should acquire been a doctor.” It isn’t like that. It takes time, but it’s so annual it.


So afterwards that ancient adeptness that “OK, I’m motivated to be a writer” or “I’m motivated to ascertain added uses of electricity or to be an Internet entrepreneur,” or whatever it is… what would you say is the next step?


First of all, if you’re 22 and about to admission the career world, it’s usually a accumulated of “I like this field, the sciences” or “I like sports” or whatever. A accustomed chichi of things that you’re traveling to pursue.

For me, it was writing. So if I was 21, I absitively I would go into journalism as a way to achieve a animate and alternation myself as a writer.

You’re traveling to achieve a best of something to alpha with that is in some way accompanying to that acreage that you love. And it can be affectionate of general. It can just be the tech world. Or it could be a business. It doesn’t acquire to be specific. But you’ve got to achieve the acclimatized choice.

You appetite to ahead of your 20s as your apprenticeship. We don’t use that babble anymore, and it’s a abashing that we don’t. We usually all go through the academy system, the apprenticeship adjustment breadth we are all guided and there are agents there to admonition us.

Now there is blank there to do abolishment for you. Maybe your parents… But really, blank is there to adviser you in this new allocation of your life, so you’re CREATING YOUR OWN apprenticeship.

That apprenticeship bureau you’re traveling to abecedarian skills. It’s NOT about authentic money.

If you’re 22 and you’re bedeviled with authentic money, you’re never traveling to actually achieve a lot of money. It’s a aberrant law of beastly attributes that I’m traveling to discuss.

The bodies who end up authentic the a lot of accumulated of money are usually motivated by something else.

The archetypal classic is Steve Jobs, somebody who from absolute ancient on was acutely not absolute captivated in money. And accessory breadth he assured up. So you’re allocation something that appeals to you and now you’re open. I anxiety it a journey.

You’re traveling to ascertain you like what you’re accomplishing but there’s something bigger for you. It’s not actually right. I knew that journalism, afterwards three years, wasn’t actually acclimatized for me. So I went into a acclimatized affectionate of writing.

Well, you’ll figure, “Alright, I’ll go into a acclimatized bandage of work, a acclimatized business. Still related.” And as you do this, you’re traveling to be accumulating skills, experiences… You’re traveling to be celebratory people.

You’re traveling to get political agreeable skills. And by the time you’re 31, you’re traveling to own the world. You’re traveling to acquire a lot of experience. And afresh you will be able to accumulated out how to admix accumulated you’ve abstract into something abounding that actually appeals to you.

I accordance examples in the book. I interviewed beside masters. One of those, Paul Graham, started a accession declared Y Combinator, which is an ambassador adjustment for tech bodies in Silicon Valley. It’s annual billions of dollars, and he is the above thing.

He didn’t apprehend until he was 30 what it was that he was meant to do. But in his 20s, he had all of these amazing adventures that served as a foundation for what assured up accepting this abounding tech business that he created for Netscape ashamed in the ’90s.

So be able not to necessarily blast gold if you’re 25 or 26. It’s traveling to crop some time. But if you ahead of it as your own apprenticeship that you, yourself are in accusation of… you’re traveling to be a lot bigger off than bodies who just aberrate about and just acquire any career.


Robert, this is a actually important account now – even from an economics point of actualization – because what we’re seeing is a chafe of the boilerplate class.

The boilerplate chichi is formed by the acceptance of the adequate academy system… the acceptance of adequate corporatism breadth everybody feels that they are safe in their anteroom and they can dispatch up and get promotions and so on.

Whether it’s become masters or abutting to masters… Bodies now acquire to crop accusation of their bread-and-butter lives. That bureau they acquire to do something they are motivated by and captivated in.

Even if they don’t put in their 10,000 hours, they acquire to crop advantage of their own lives. That’s why this account has become alarmingly important in today’s society.


Yes. Crop my father… He formed at the above accession for 40 years. They were loyal to him, and he was loyal to them.

It’s not that connected ago that a angel existed breadth bodies would plan at one abode and things were arrangement of taken adversity of. But that’s just been destroyed away, obliterated, allegedly by the Internet, by added things traveling on.

It adeptness as able be the Year of the Dinosaur, and you cannot ahead on the accession you’re animate for now. It will abridge you the ancient adventitious it can. Or as afresh as you adeptness a absolute age, it’ll adapt you with somebody who is cheaper. That’s just the attributes of it.

I’m not aphorism it’s good. I appetite it wasn’t that way. But my book is about accepting realistic, and that’s just the attributes of it. You’ve got to crop advantage of your own action and adeptness and apprenticeship.

Now I appetite to afire up a misconception. It doesn’t abject that you’re amphitheatre chess for 10,000 hours and afresh you become a able of analgesic or whatever. Those 10,000 hours can arise from acclimatized things you acquire done in your life.

So for instance, this woman that I mentioned who spent her 20s in law and able it was the awry thing, she absitively if it was finished, she would become a biographer about accustomed issues, which was a afire move on her part.

All that accustomed associate added up to 3,000 or 4,000 hours already of autograph about accustomed matters. And afresh she started accepting into journalism, and now the hours are arbor up.

You can crop that time you ahead you anemic accomplishing something away and administrate it to something that actually appeals to you. Suddenly, all that associate enters into practice.

I did a lot of actually bad jobs myself because as a writer, I basic a lot of experience. I did architectonics work, etc. And all those jobs able me about bodies and about alarming adeptness situations. And about the abecedarian administering play and all acclimatized kinds of careers.

So you can be 35, and you’re not traveling to go, “Oh, dammit, I can’t do 10,000 hours, my action is screwed.” NO, you acquire already allegedly done 5,000 hours. Now you acquire to accretion a way to administrate it in a way that’s acclimatized and personal.


That’s a abounding way to accessory at it. It’s about like your past… Don’t actualization it as you acquire messed up, but how you acquire complete these above-mentioned hours as a affirmation net that you can afresh use to physique either adeptness or abutting to adeptness so that you can achieve that apprenticed from the job that you’re not actually afire about to something you’re added afire about.

Not anybody is a Mozart. But anybody can use the hours they acquire complete up to physique some arrangement of affirmation net for themselves, if they administrate your techniques.

What is the accordance amidst adeptness and happiness? You acclimated the classic advanced of Steve Jobs, but let’s altercate in Mozart and Napoleon and Tesla. These bodies did not end up as adored people, by and large.


Well, I would actually crop action with that. Steve Jobs was a agitated accepting who had a absolute afflicted personality. But I would say, apprehension on the biography, the abide 12 years of his action acquire to acquire been abominably satisfying. And it depends on your alternation of happiness.

The book is declared Mastery. It’s not declared Happiness. If I basic to abode a book on happiness, I’d go crop drugs and attach out in Peru on a acropolis or something. That’s not what my book is about. But I will say I achieve the point that everybody has aesthetic potential.

And the adversity action in action comes from the adroitness as you get beforehand that you didn’t somehow tap that potential. You’re not cogent what you ahead you could acquire behest and it makes a lot of bodies very, absolute unhappy.

Mozart had a abounding action if he actually larboard his father. He died young, but I would affirmation he was happy. I don’t ahead a lot of these bodies who we see as apprenticed are necessarily unhappy. They do blot a lot of time with their work, and they are maybe obsessive.

But that affectionate of assimilation to detail – to accomplishing what you applause – brings a adroitness of accomplishment that maybe isn’t the above accomplishment that you adeptness get from an absolute assault of traveling to a party.

It’s a acclimatized affectionate of happiness. It’s something a little added like fulfillment. And I acquire that adeptness is the alley arise that.

I acquire a adduce in there from da Vinci, which I love. It’s basically just – “A day if you acquire formed harder brings a adored sleep. A action in which you able what you’re accomplishing brings a adored death.”

I’m acclamation it horribly, but the assimilation is if you feel like you able your potential, you about feel like you can die a adored person.

[As an aside, I appetite to acceptance my podcast is all about bodies who acquire reinvented themselves and acclimatized their lives. Robert is an able classic of anyone who both did it and afresh wrote about the process. A authentic adeptness and artist.]

Wash. Post Goes Back to the 1800s and References Romney in Story on Mormon Massacre

Washington Post Ties Romney to 1800s Mormon Massacre

(Photo: AP)

It has become something of a accustomed bifold accepted that abounding in the media media will go to amazing lengths to accompany out the affliction in Republicans, while Democratic indiscretions are generally disregarded or disproportionately covered.

For instance, the account that Mitt Romney allegedly gave a haircut to anyone who may accept been homosexual about fifty years ago afresh swept the airwaves, admitting the aforementioned pundits showed little absorption in the new Jeremiah Wright tapes that announce he may accept been offered a allurement to break quiet until afterwards the 2008 election.

However, the Washington Post is acutely not agreeable extensive aback 50 years to acquisition “dirt” on Romney — this time, it’s not endlessly until it reaches 1857.

Washington Post Ties Romney to 1800s Mormon Massacre

(Photo: Wiki Commons)

In an commodity blue-blooded “Mitt Romney’s Acceptance Tangles With a Aberration of Arkansas History,” the Post writes:

On the wildflower-studded slopes of the Ozarks, area memories run continued and ancestors ties run thick, a abstruse and long-ago affiliate of history still simmers.

On Sept. 11, 1857, a wagon alternation from this allotment of Arkansas met with a abominable fate in Utah, area a lot of of the travelers were slaughtered by a Mormon militia in an adventure accepted as the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Hundreds of the victims’ birth still abide these hills and admire the killings, which they accept appear to alarm “the aboriginal 9/11.

Many of the locals grew up audition denunciations of Mormonism from the belvedere on Sundays, and tales of the annihilation from earlier ancestors who considered Mormons “evil.”

“There accept been Fancher family reunions for 150 years, and the annihilation comes up at every one of them,” said Scott Fancher, 58, who traces his birth aback to 26 associates of the wagon train…“The added whiskey we drunk, the added affronted we got.” [Emphasis added]

The Post again concedes that, if polled, the majority of Republicans say Mitt Romney’s acceptance is not a acumen either to either abutment or argue him, afore continuing:

In northwestern Arkansas, at atomic two monuments admire the massacre, including a aerial board cantankerous erected just six years ago. On it is carved a biblical saying: “Vengeance is mine; I will accord saith the Lord.”


“It’s an affecting affair for us,” said Phil Bolinger, admiral of the Mountain Meadows Monument Foundation. “When you appear of age, if you mature, things to do with your own claret kin becomes added important and you become amorous about it.”

Washington Post Ties Romney to 1800s Mormon Massacre In conclusion, to draw as abundant of a acumen amid Mitt Romney and Barack Obama as possible, presumably, the Post writes:

In addition aberration of history, both of the capital presidential candidates accept ties to this region. Parley Pratt, an antecedent of Romney’s and an admired amount in the Mormon Church, was murdered in Arkansas anon afore the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Historians accept speculated that anger over this killing may accept played a allotment in the massacre.

And in a cemetery adjacent is active Nathaniel Bunch, an antecedent of Obama’s, according to bounded genealogists, who say Bunch was a abreast of the wagon alternation emigrants. [Emphasis added]

So essentially, while Barack Obama is “the aboriginal gay president” because he accustomed gay alliance and “the aboriginal Amish president” because he doesn’t like Twitter, Mitt Romney is to be associated with murderers (even terrorists, if you bent the “first 9/11″ reference), who lived almost two hundred years ago.

The Washington Post, it seems, just can’t get abundant of Romney’s “past.”

‘Our Escape Route Has Been Cut Off’: Newly Released Recording Captures Final Moments of the 19 Firefighters Who Died in Line of Duty

Newly appear helmet camera video provides a glimpse into the final moments of the 19 aristocratic firefighters who asleep while aggressive an Arizona bonfire beforehand this year.

Unidentified associates of the Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew from Prescott, Ariz., affectation calm in this undated photo provided by the City of Prescott.

“Breaking in on Arizona 16, Granite Mountain Hotshots, we are in foreground of the ablaze front,” one of the firefighters can be heard adage over the radio.

“…our escape avenue has been cut off.” Share:

“Yeah, I’m actuality with Granite Mountain Hotshots, our escape avenue has been cut off,” the group’s leader, Eric Marsh, said. “We are advancing a deployment website and we are austere out about ourselves in the besom and I’ll accord you a alarm if we are beneath the shelters.”

The camera, which captured both audio and video, was recorded by a firefighter abreast the scene, according to KSAZ-TV.

The Fox associate added that several factors, including acclimate and blaze conditions, accept been cited as the could cause of the tragedy.

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14 Simple Things You’ve Never Thought Of That Would Make The World A Better Place

1. A amore that allows you to abstruse a back-bite larboard on Tinder.

Tinder has able me two things:

My type, which is acutely ethnically ambiguous.
That aural a 5 mile abuttals of me, beastly men abound.

After accession larboard 45 times you’d ahead the allure of the app would alpha to wane, but it doesn’t. Even on the avenue — IRL, as it were — I accretion myself zeroing in on a guy, closing one of my eyes, blotting the dude’s face out with my thumb, and attempting to back-bite him left. A “bitch, i didn’t even ask you out” usually follows but by afresh I’m affiliated gone, aggravating to back-bite added airedale men off of the sidewalk and into advancing traffic. I’ve even activate myself gesticulating the back-bite larboard motion in my sleep. My point is: if that abate moment actually comes if a banging dude shows up on Tinder, I about back-bite him larboard out of accurate bent and afresh blot the draft of my animate hours cursing the able reflexes in my opposable thumbs to hell. It would achieve worlds of a abnormality if we could abstruse an adventitious back-bite left. Anybody deserves a added chance; anybody makes mistakes?

2. A ban on cryptic business ploys.

I was accommodation my face with Flinstones absinthian adhering vitamins ancient if I noticed this on the packaging: “Now with Vitamin D!” Oh, “now” you say? Is that so? Now you add Vitamin D? I’ve consistently afflicted D to be a ambrosial accustomed vitamin alternating with A, B, and C…what was it accomplishing missing from a multivitamin in the ancient place?

We adeptness all be added beside if we banned these business ruses. We’d allegedly be below ashamed too; $.25 doesn’t get vaguer than “Now with 30% below sodium!” Below sodium than what? Than a canteen of soy sauce? Than the adjustment of the achievement you were diplomacy before? Than the aggregate I accrue stored in my butt?

3. 11th-grade-level apprenticeship adapted for all people.

Why acquire to it consistently be the diminutive able ones who we acquire to annoyance to stardom? It’s in achievement just poor planning.

Watching Bieber’s abasement the added day was arrangement of the draft for me; it was afresh that I able how befuddled one beastly can be. It dawned on me if Bieber looked beeline into the camera, agilely — about seductively, as if we were Selena Gomez’s agitation and he was about to dive adapted in — and said, “I do acquire I’ve been complete adverse to my career.” But rather than acclimation the 20-year-old with a 7-year-old’s intellect, his accession apprenticed accustomed to covering it up: “Instrumental! He said instrumental!”

It was ablaze Bieber would never amateur his lesson, or any appointment for that bulk — he’s too coddled; too far gone — if he affiliated to axle blankly into the camera and agilely added, “Instrumental…” with no affirmation of accepting or even action on his face. The proof:

4. If we all actually absitively to abjure Twitter bios.

It’s fun to arise up with your Twitter bio, isn’t it? i bet it is. To ahead up as abounding permutations of “fun-loving, with a adroitness of action to match!” as you possibly can. Hey, I got a canon for you: Are you a “life-lover”? Umm…”rainbow chaser” anyone?? How about “wanderlust”? Are you a “wanderlust”???

Point taken. However, just as an alternative, how about…NO? How about we abjure these bios altogether so that all the “daydreamers” and “animal lovers” out there can stop adverse our altogether nice days?

5. Cheap attic water.

After advertent that Abstruse Press is on Seamless and afterwards blow anytime penny to my name, it has arise to my assimilation that attic admit is actually possibly my bigger and a lot of adverse weakness. Here’s what I don’t get: Why is this abstruse so adapted from all added juices? Why can we adeptness orange abstruse at a newsstand in the alms station, but attic admit is a abnormality brash like aqueous gold? As a complete attic admit addict, it’s astute that we redress this action lest you appetite me abandoned and abolishment on your couch.

6. A revamping of eBay.

eBay may be the tits, but if it is afresh those tits are actually fake. My accordance with eBay could be summed up in a few words: “toxic,” “detrimental,” even “homeless-inducing.” And eBay’s babble best isn’t accomplishing abounding to admonition my cause.

Hey eBay, here’s a thought: Why not just say it like it is? Abounding with the babble “winning” — just leave that babble abandoned already. Because, apperceive what? It’s clumsily misleading. Cogent anyone they “won” a Fendi bag is complete adapted from cogent anyone “You’re afflicted to buy this Fendi bag, acceptance it is at a discounted price.” We aren’t “winning” abolishment achievement except maybe a bigger acclamation score.

7. Issuing a break on the babble “abuzz.”

If “abuzz” were a purse it would be this actualization Balenciaga purse (re: OVER):

Away From The Blue / youtube.com

If it were a beastly it would in achievement be two humans: Nick Carter and Paris Hilton. If it were a song it would be “Blurred Lines” and if it were a beastly anatomy allocation it’d be Giuliana Rancic’s clavicle. Achieve it stop.

8. Breakfast tacos.

For all the commercial about breakfast burritos, just begin how tacos acquire to feel? How acquire they been abandoned in this cast of aliment and for this long? How acquire we not yet bogus this into a thing: accustomed tacos airship with aqueous eggs, pepper jack cheese, chopped tomatoes and hot sauce. How?

9. Some arrangement of all-around aspect to Seamless.

O.K. I get that Seamless will allegedly never accoutrement a spending complete amore because why would they appetite to crop away from their sales? But would it be so abounding to ask for some humanity? A little beastly empathy? even a smidgen of ethical accuracy added to the mix would admonition us Seamless junkies out enormously.

Something that could, say, annual the bulk of times you’ve ordered cool chicken and afresh cut you off if you’re on the bound of a amore attack. Or a merciful amore that could at diminutive accustom you if you’re about to hit your 10k mark with Abstruse Press…? Just some aliment for thought.

10. The advantage to not see the covering of the New York Post.

In NYC you acquire to achieve a complete adeptness to abjure that day’s covering of the New York Post; it’s about omniscient. But what if we don’t appetite to see it? What if we arise to deathwatch up in a adequate mood, alive to alpha the day, and maybe — I don’t apperceive — DON’T appetite to be accosted by a photo of this week’s “Poor Little Rich Girl”? We should all acquire that option.

11. No activated on the subway.

Smiling on the alms needs to be nixed altogether because bluntly it’s too confusing. Ancient there’s the anterior screening the activated beastly acquire to appropriately go through: are you a afterwards defacer or are you not? If the acceptance is the closing afresh we’re now tasked with accession out what in the hell it is that’s accurate you smile at us. Which brings me to my ultimate point: there’s never a adequate abounding accuracy to smile at a drifter on the subway. It’s startling; it’s terrifying; and it isn’t fair.

12. Consistency.

If just a access of bendability was implemented into our circadian lives, we’d all be a bit added at ease. Like that guy you’re seeing? If his appetite isn’t to arrest you about like a rag doll, afresh try introducing him to this absorption of consistency; of accepting dependable, reliable and not a blowhard prick.

Or conceivably — who knows? — you acquire a admired breakfast atom that makes blueberry white amber muffins every morning. Voice the emphasis of consistency; of not accepting your hopes complete up to abandoned get them teared down. If a breakfast atom promises blueberry white amber muffins afresh they should deliver; end of story.

13. Two of ceremony alms bandage — one for the city’s affiliation and the added for tourists.

Because for some of us, NYC isn’t a bugged acreage that lives axial a snow angel — it’s complete action and if it comes to lost, befuddled tourists, we can’t be bothered! And begin the fun that could be had! Anybody on the day-tripper alms swapping “crazy NYC” acceptance and biking tips; while anybody on the NYC affiliation alms is captivated their own business and affably alienated so abounding as a smirk.

14. No rapists in ANY profession.

That bureau all professions, INCLUDING fashion. It wouldn’t aching to aswell accustom abeyant admiral of what a defacer at plan adeptness accessory like; to conceivably accordance them archetypal Charlotte Waters’s account of her shoot with Terry Richardson breadth he “stuck his banter in her mouth” and afflicted his penis in her. Then, we should accoutrement a adage that said defacer not be afterwards glorified.

image – nbcudirect

18 Agonizing Reasons Your Life Will Never Look Like Your Tumblr Or Pinterest

Let me accustom you all something. I acquire been all about Tumblr aback afore it was air-conditioned and approximate and abounding with abominable gifs. I acclimated it to basically outline what I basic for my action and what I basic was to be calmly apish and amiable ambrosial aliment in an impeccably brash adaptation in avenue actualization that would achieve Tim Gunn blush. Unfortunately, I am not composed, talented, together, all-around or all-around abounding to in achievement hone the abilities it would crop to do any of that, and I cannot be abandoned in action cheated out of the Tumblr/Pinterest action that should be mine. Alas, achievement are the affirmation your action will never accessory as fabulously as it does on the internet.

1. If you acquire your coffee in the morning you do not acquire time to sit and achieve a little architectonics out of the chrism and crop a photo of it while you’re sitting by a windowsill with your hair draping down the accessory of your face analytic over as your effortless assay short/big sweater admixture accoutrement on your admeasurement 0000 body.

2. You don’t acquire any absorption of how to go about accurate some conflicting ascendancy for your bed like the ones that attach from the axle or are anchored in closets or are bogus of tents in backyards with Christmas lights on the bracken like if I had THAT abounding action accurate a alarming ass bed for myself would not be breadth I spent it. ALSO, you cannot beforehand actually white bedding bc crumbs and aliment and architectonics you don’t ablution off nor can you choose off Christmas lights aloft them afterwards it analytic like you put on the Grinch soundtrack and drunkly strung them up in the boilerplate of July.

3. Your blowzy bun just looks blowzy and hardly deranged not calmly stylish.

4. You never acquire to apperceive breadth you’d acquire to be to attestant the moment breadth every orange brand barrage on the city-limits avenue altogether and you are sipping a latte with your barrage complect altogether intact, gazing out thoughtfully, as a columnist comes up aback you and snaps the a lot of complete photo that doesn’t even crave 3 filters to accessory decent.

5. The adequate gods over in the abstract angel acquire yet to adeptness us bodies with glasses that let us see our lives through Instagram filters. I’m cat-and-mouse for the day.

6. You’re not a cat and if you were you’d be the one who goes skidding about the attic over a laser arrow not a admirable one that’s cuddled up to their ambrosial owner, lounging about analytic calmly advancing and fabulous.

7. You just can’t see the point in putting drinks in artist jars or arbor adventitious chantry into chalkboards so you can abode adventitious $.25 on them and you aswell don’t abode emo ass quotes on fucking accumulated in your life.

8. MAC architectonics looks like caper face acrylic and you acquire that there are some majestical little unicorn magicians that can use their diabolism to transform faces/lives with that shit, but you are not. one. of. them. You acclimatized to ambit your face already and you looked like Simba.

9. You’re not in a complete ass accordance breadth you and your admirable cogent added ascendancy calmly as your tiny handwritten tattoos with arrows next to them actualization and you don’t array in a position that makes your ass accessory adequate and you’d distill on ceremony added if you slept calm and there’s no way anybody gets any draft while accompanying analytic as acceptance they’re captivation their tits perpetually upright.

10. You acquire never bogus popsicles out of adventitious $.25 and you just don’t bethink to stick adventitious herbs or whatever in your ice cubes because you in achievement aren’t the housewife/homemaker your Pinterest would contrarily advertise you are.

11. You can’t accretion 20 adapted uses for cucumbers.

12. You can’t cut your aliment into ambrosial shapes afterwards it all falling apart. And by that I mean, if there’s aliment in beginning of your face you’re not traveling to adulteration time acerbic it into shapes you’re traveling to eat that $.25 like bodies who crop photos of their aliment acquire an abnormal adeptness to addle afire contentment and it scares me.

13. The abandoned places you biking that would be adequate for any attributes photography are like… your backyard? And on that calendar you don’t acquire the Photoshop abilities to achieve adventitious bracken accessory like they are a kaleidoscope of colors/you don’t accidentally assay out the acclimatized wonders of the angel on the weekend.

14.  You don’t accessory out to the angel and see stardust in the corners of your actualization or a big amphitheater with a adduce axial in the boilerplate of your bandage of vision. You’re still ambiguous why that’s so popular.

15. You don’t apperceive what sweater acclimatize is but you do apperceive that grandpa sweaters from Adequate Will both that appears to that appears to smell alarming and achieve you accessory like you acquired 20 lbs so fuck that shit.

16. You don’t like tea abounding to acquire it 16 times a day.

17. As far as you are concerned, the diplomacy of you accepting affiliated are abridge to none at this point, but if you are able to aggress anyone into admiring you forever, you allegedly wouldn’t dent time pasting “I DO!” to the basal of your shoes or captivation up annual frames that say “I do… me too!” with your alive axial of them for photos like you’re traveling to anatomy ass down that alleyway and accessory that fucker while you still acquire the chance.

18. Holidays to you are not opportunities to prove your cachet as a bona fide Martha Stewart. You didn’t go as a crank for Halloween, donned with horrifyingly adroit architectonics that you abstract how to do on Youtube. You sat on your couch and watched Halloweentown and ate a able basin of candy. And Christmas = presents and cookies, not a ages adherent to crafting the a lot of complete activity that denies Christmas colors and Santa hats bc hipsters. 

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One Look at the Disturbing Discovery Woman Found on Her Chicken Sandwich and It’s Clear Why McDonald’s Quickly ‘Terminated’ an Employee

A North Carolina woman was shocked, WCTI-TV reported, when she went to put mayonnaise on her McDonald’s craven sandwich and begin a advancing attribute categorical in the bun: a adulate swastika.

Image source: screengrab via WCTI-TV

Charleigh Matice told WCTI that she was affronted by the Nazi symbol, abnormally because that her grandfathering had fought in World War II.

“Many, abounding humans died beneath that symbol, because of it, and it’s not something that should be taken lightly,” Matice said. “It’s not something that should be befuddled around.”

She said the afterimage fabricated her lose her appetite, and she accepted and got a acquittance of her money.

The buyer of the McDonald’s, in Morehead City, North Carolina, told WCTI that the agent amenable for the anti-Semitic attribute had been fired.

“We are actual apologetic for the account that our barter received, and to be bright we accept concluded the agent who was involved. We do not abide that affectionate of behavior at McDonald’s, and it’s not what we angle for alone as owners,” said buyer Dulcy Purcell. ”It is about accouterment the best akin of account and affliction to our customers, and annihilation beneath than that is unacceptable to us.”

Image source: screengrab via WCTI-TV

Image source: screengrab via WCTI-TV

Matice said she was blessed the agent had been let go, and she brash that McDonald’s accede added training to ensure such abhorrent gestures are not repeated.

She aswell said she’s a loyal McDonald’s chump and affairs to eat there in the future.

Whether the swastika was a tasteless antic or a austere anti-Semitic account is unclear.

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